Meet the R in aRbotics

Robert  Quaas

Robert. Quaas, founder and owner of Zhucheng Smart Robot Technologies Co. Limited, is based in Zhucheng, China where he oversees R&D, design, and manufacturing of aRbotics hardware.  Formerly an adjunct Professor at Qindao University of Science and Technology and the Director of Robotics and Mechatronics at the Sino Australian Advanced Centre of Mechatronics and Robotics Learning, Robert was born in Canberra, Australia and moved to China over a decade ago to establish streamlined, cost effective R&D and manufacturing with high levels of oversight and quality control.

Robert contributes the deep scientific and technical expertise required to design and manufacture aRbotics products.  In addition to his own production factories he has an extended network of partners that enable an extraordinary range of services for highly efficient manufacturing. 

A self-admitted workaholic, Robert is married, has two sons and spends far too much time in his lab and factory according to Xian, his wife.  He clears his head and takes a break from experimenting with new technologies by motorcycle riding in the beautiful hills surrounding Zhucheng.

Robert Grover

Robert Grover has been involved in technology and STEM education all his life,  spending three decades with PCS Edventures!, a US-based, STEM education company.  He  started as an instructor with PCS teaching students programming, engineering and robotics in 1988.  Over his nearly 30 years at PCS he served as CTO and Executive VP in charge of product development as well as Chief Executive Officer.  

Robert left PCS in December of 2017 and formed a new company, BiSTEM LLC (Boise International STEM) and has continued working with PCS Edventures! managing contracts for the company in the Middle East, where he has developed many friends and partnerships.   Robert now works closely with Robert Quaas and contributes product design, curriculum, sales & marketing expertise and business logistics to aRbotics.

In addition to a lifetime of hands-on STEM experience, Mr. Grover holds degrees in Creative Writing and Business Management from Boise State University.  He is also involved in a solar energy company in Egypt and is fascinated by the changing dynamics of the global energy industry.    He and his wife, Heidi, have two beautiful children and reside in Boise, Idaho.

Robert probably spends too much time working also according to his family, but, like his Robert counterpart, he frequently takes a break to hike and enjoy the hills surrounding Boise.

Robert Grover and Robert Quaas in Weifang, China
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